Thursday, March 16, 2006

OK, I always have time to bitch about the follies of the music biz: The New Cars. What an incredibly silly and depressing idea. They're reuniting The Cars - but without Ric Ocasek - and with Todd Rundgren as his replacement. I am a huge Cars fan - and also a Rundgren/Utopia fan - who isn't? But how can they put together The Cars without Ric? It's like The Jam without Paul Weller or something. The Smiths without Morrissey. It just doesn't work. And Rundgren is far too much of an artiste and auteur to be stepping into someone else's shoes. I don't get it.

Besides, The Cars' history is so glorious - why taint it with some half-assed reunion tour, or - shudder - album? They were cool. Why be uncool. Leave that to Yes. Don't misunderstand - I love Yes - but embarrassing reunions are their forté. Being Yes is being uncool. And thank God for that. Now let The Cars be The Cars. We don't need any New ones. At least Ric Ocasek is still making good solo albums.

I have hereby bitched.
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